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2012 - 2016

Liquid Wreck

An 1891 ship wreck reveals it self at low tide. The spot is known as The Lonely Grave.

Random Collisions

It's only twelve hours till summer hits the shores. After midnight the wait was over. Random Collisions also participated in the Fantadia Festival Internazionale di Multivisione - Asolo, Italy:

Primal Murmurs

Small details of sights and sounds of the Grampian National Park (Gariwerd) has one of the richest Indigenous rock art sites in south-eastern Australia. The rock art shown here is sourced from the two sites of Glenisla shelter and Gulgurn Manja Shelter. Primal Murmurs participated in the 2015 Environmental film Festival Australia

Autumn Green

A quiet forest creek before the winter rains. Autumn Green took part in the festival:

Seashore #4

It's a liquid world. A small section of the Great Ocean Road. Some of the footage was used for the documentary "Love & Fury" by John Hughes and aired on ABC TV "Artscape' April 2013." rel="external">
Showreel 1993-2000
Showreel - original edit and format (2000). Material shown was shot on 16mm film, SVHS, Hi8, Betacam SP and DV. One short film was edited on a Steenbeck, all others were cut on Betacam and the Avid (NLE) systems. Some of the work was exhibited at several National and international short film festivals and two shorts were shown at two different Australian art galleries.
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